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Sarika speaks her heart out

"A Reason. A Season. A Lifetime!
This is for sure a lifetime!" says Sarika, when asked about her journey with the Master.
Little did Sarika know back then in January, 2015, that her journey would be a constant one on this path."Gurudev has kept me on the highway" she says with twinkling eyes.
"Having born in a South Indian mangalorean family, visiting temples and singing bhajans in the evening was a routine when we visited my grandmother's place during school vacations, in Uchila, a beautiful village near Someshwar, Mangalore. I used to and still love the beautiful temples of Mangalore, the divine chants, the fragrance of 'mallige' and the of course the prasadam with the extra payasam! However, as I grew up, my belief in the concept of God started diminishing for reasons unknown. And it's only with Gurudev coming into my life in the physical form that life bloomed once again! The first eye contact with HIM, washed away all my sorrows and reassured a beautiful life ahead!
Words, time and space (in this blog) fall short to explain how life changed. But, Yes! HE continues to kindle my love for the divine, for HIM!"

"A Reason. A Season. A Lifetime!
This is for sure a lifetime!" She reiterates.

Sarika Shiriya

Art Of Living Faculty, Nutritionist


The Sudarshan Kriya effect


In the summer of 2002, my aunt called saying there is a workshop called the art excel. Assuming it’s a drawing class, i instantly agreed. Wasn’t expecting that I will find someone who is going to colour my life forever. Life, since then is not picture perfect, and there all kind of shades but I know I am the canvas of the best artist there ever can be i.e

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

Radhika Chandle

Art of Living faculty, Counseling Psychologist

The Magic called Guru

I have been blessed to be a part of Maharashtra Projects team since July, 2017. Primarily I coordinate projects across Maharashtra and the journey has been fulfilling and adventurous. Every moment has been a new learning. I was lucky to be surrounded by people who have guided me and patiently made me into who I am today. There were tasks which I never thought was possible for me but always happened flawlessly. I am and always will remain in awe of the wonderful work Gurudev carries out through each of his devotee.


I have come to know that Gurudev has magical ways to keep you on your toes and make you into a best version of yourself :) Jai Gurudev  

Pooja Yennam
Maharashtra Project Coordinator

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One message and long awaited Art of Living YES+ program came right at my doorstep .This program was conducted for my college students. It was just 'pure happiness' and my life was waiting for me to start my journey. After doing my first program in August 2019 I immediately did an Advance Meditation Program in May 2020.


I got the wonderful opportunity to bring the same happiness in people's life and be a volunteer by completing my Volunteer Training Program in May itself. I never realised how a lazy and procrastinating me transformed into a enthusiastic person with a YES mind

Dnyanesh Sarawate

VTP graduate, Chemical Engineer

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The Express Story

I took up YES!+ during my 3rd year of Engineering. Regular practice of Sudarshan Kriya/techniques taught during the program, not just helped me to improve my grades but also the program also improved interpersonal skills.
The Art of Living provided me a platform to social service which gradually built leadership qualities in me that resulted in 10 years of successful corporate career. It also helped me gain a balance in life where in along with work i could give my time to social service projects too.

I am privileged to achieve this work life balance and a positive mindset. This has also helped me to uplift my colleagues at workplace. All credits to regular meditations.

Sandesh Sahane
The Art Of Living Faculty
Telecom specialist

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Life - A Beautiful Picture