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  • Relieve stress and anxiety

  • Build up your inner resilience

  • Calm your mind

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Immune cell count


in deep sleep

Over 100 independent studies globally published in peer review journals have demonstrated benefits from the practice of the Sudarshan Kriya™ and related breathing exercises:

Stress hormone


in serum cortisol in 2 weeks

Life satisfaction


within 1 week

Boost immunity and health

Improve relationships

Relieve stress, anxiety & depression

Live with purpose, confidence & joy

Discover effective techniques to reduce the risk of heart disease, boost the immune function & overall energy levels.

Explore keys towards understanding yourself, and people around you better, thus strengthening your professional and personal relationships.

Learn research-backed ways to reduce stress, relieve anxiety & relax even amidst challenges.

Know the secrets to improve clarity of mind, focus, resilience, creativity, and lead a fulfilling life.

Check out what leading institutes got to say

Improvement in six key areas of well being, including mental health and social connectedness

- Yale

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Low-risk, low cost adjunct treatment of anxiety PTSD, depression, stress - related medical illnesses


(International Journal of Yoga)

Raises antioxidant levels, reduces cell aging, and DNA damage


New Delhi

Has helped alleviate severe depression

- The Journal of Clinical Psychiatry

3x time spent in deep, restful stages of sleep

- Sleep and Biological Rhythms

Shows promise in providing relief for depression

- Havard Health Publishing

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