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Vikram Hazra


A fund raiser for the RIVER REJUVENATION project 

Lets immerse ourselves in an evening of blissful music & in the process help a noble cause.

15th April, 7pm onwards
Nehru Centre, Worli

River Rejuvenation

The Art of Living is reviving rivers and other water resources through its water conservation initiatives. 

4 states

48 rivers

1000+ water bodies

Our unique approach


Nature is a fantastic teacher. It gives you space to observe it and learn. So we decided to copy nature. And it worked. We’ve revived the natural hydrological balance by creating eco-restoration cells. These were the real catalyst that made the water flow in 48 rivers we’re reviving.


Scientific methods

Geospatial technology and remote sensing




Inclusive approach

All stakeholders are taken onboard from farmers to scientists




Restoring ecosystem

We're trying to bring back the natural hydrological balance

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river approach inclusive.png.webp
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Student passes are available on the submission of valid identity cards. Please contact 7021871711